How can I upload pictures? How can I delete them?

To add pictures,, go to your player profile. Choose one of the picture albums or create a new one. Then, just click on ?add pictures to this album”.

You can upload up to MAXPHOTOS pictures per album.. Besides you can create until MAXALBUM albums (including the main album). Those are ¡TOTALPHOTOS pictures in total!

It is only possible to upload pictures in JPG y PNG de 2MB format of 2MB as a maximum size of disk. About resolution, it is possible to upload pictures up to 6000×6000 píxeles (36 megapíxeles).

¿How can I delete pictures?

  • To delete a picture from an album, click on the following icon next to the picture:Delete Photo
  • To delete an entire album, click on the link ?remove this album? on the page of the album.

Albums only for friends

You can configure an album to be viewed only by your friends on WEBNAME. You just have to click on the link ?show this album only to friends? on the page of the album.

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